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Rivanna Trails

2nd Sat. Work Party, June 2013

Look at these muscles! Our volunteers are real troopers. Despite rain showers, these Second Saturday attendees blew threw thick vegetation to clear the Rivanna Trail along Meadow Creek near the John Warner / Meadowcreek Parkway. Thank you, all! 
11 photo(s) Updated on: 09 Jun 2013
  • Try holding your arms in this position for two hours!
  • We are fortunate to have volunteers who have the skills and desire to drive these brush mowing machines.
  • We reached in far to try to delay the next spurt of growth.
  • Again, look at those upper- and fore-arms. Wow!
  • Goggles, check. Ear protection, check. Gloves, check. Look out grass.
  • Loppers and mowers were the tools of the day.
  • Finishing up what the big mowers missed.
  • Voila! A clear, inviting Rivanna Trail.
  • When you visit this section of the Rivanna Trail, you have the opportunity to see Meadow Creek up close and personal. Feel free to take a little friend with you and explore the shallow waters.
  • Black raspberries - they're yummy, but they are a pest on the trail. Please carry clippers on your hikes and hack them back. Just watch the thorns.
  • Ditto the multiflora roses. Those cat claw thorns hurt when they scratch hikers' bare skin. Help your trail and its users by clipping these stems, too.