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Rivanna Trails

Trail Adopters

One of the important services that some special RTF members provide is to adopt a section of the Rivanna Trail. Trail Adopters walk their section periodically, clip vines and roses, mow grass, pick up branches, make minor repairs, and generally keep the trail open.

They are also our primary "eyes on the Trail" for reporting major washouts, blowdowns, and other serious problems. We are grateful to the following individuals for helping with this very important task. When possible we also assign multiple adopters to a single section, so if the segment of the trail of particular interest to you is already adopted, we can designate you a co-adopter.

If you would like to become a member of this elite group and adopt a section of the Rivanna Trail as your very own, take a look at the sections listed below and contact us at

For more information on what being a trail adopter entails, please review our Trail Adopter guidelines (pdf). We'd love to hear from you!

Section Adopter Email address
Loop Around the City

Mouth of Moores Creek to Free Bridge  Chris Anderson
Riverview Park to VFW

Anna Haupt;
Judy Johnson;

VFW (roadwalk) to Megan Court (then trail) to Holmes Avenue

David Hirschman; Jody and Jeffrey Hesler; Bob Brickhouse;;;

Holmes Avenue to Melbourne Road

Gregory Edwards;
Julie Bach; Bob Brickhouse;;

Melbourne Road to Southern RR

Tim Pare;                      John Philbrick;                Bob Morris;;
Melbourne Road (CHS/ McIntire Park Loop)

Jim Barns; 

John Philbrick


Southern RR to Greenbrier Drive

Eric Scholz & Dave Henley;  John Philbrick;

Greenbrier Drive to Hydraulic Road

Jeff Wilbur;
Virginia Masterson;

Hydraulic Road to Emmet Street

Carl & Khabira Wise;
Marty Roddy;

Emmet/Earhart to Cedars Court/Barracks Road

Toine Wyckoff;
Dan Monahan;
Ted Heneberry;;
Barracks Road to Sandridge Road

Dan Monahan;
Ted Heneberry;              Joel Hood;;
Sandridge Road to Old Ivy Road

Dan Monahan;
Ted Heneberry;              Joel Hood;

Old Ivy Road to Fontaine Avenue

Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club (CAMBC)

Fontaine Avenue to Stribling Avenue

Gregg Korbon; Dan Blondeau (CATS); 

Department of Forestry Loop

Gregg Korbon; Dan Blondeau (CATS); 

Stribling Avenue to Azalea Park

Carlos Armengol;
Alex Colegrove; Lucas Lyons;; 

Azalea Park to Christian Aid soccer field

Tom Saielli

Christian Aid soccer field to 5th Street Station Parkway Mike Meintzschel

5th Street Station Parkway to Harris Road

Austin Robey and Jeff Rominger;
Megan Donovan;
Andrew Breen;;

Harris Road to Avon Street

Austin Robey and Jeff Rominger;
Megan Donovan;
Andrew Breen;;

Avon Street to Quarry Park

Andrew Montgomery;

Jeff Pacelli; Shannon Sahs;;

Rt 20 to Woolen Mills

Kenny Neal;
Snowden Kindler;
River North Trails

Meadow Creek to Pen Park Lane and Golf Course

Keith Cain; Bob Brickhouse

Pen Park Lane to River Run

Clint Miller;
Tommy Safranek;
River Run and Dunlora

Dunlora Trail Committee - John Holden & Tom Harvey


Leigh & Jim Surdukowski;
Jesse & Carole Todd;

Charles Friedman; ;