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Rivanna Trails

Trail Adopters

One of the important services that some special RTF members provide is to adopt a section of the Rivanna Trail. Trail Adopters walk their section periodically, clip vines and roses, mow grass, pick up branches, make minor repairs, and generally keep the trail open.

They are also our primary "eyes on the Trail" for reporting water damage, downed trees, and other serious problems. We are grateful to these individuals for helping with this very important task. When possible, we assign multiple adopters to a single section, so if the segment of the trail of particular interest to you is already adopted, we can still designate you a co-adopter.

If you would like to become a member of this elite group and adopt a section of the Rivanna Trail as your very own, take a look at the sections listed below and contact us at

For more information on what being a trail adopter entails, please review our Trail Adopter guidelines (pdf). We'd love to hear from you!