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RivannA Trails Foundation

The mission of the Rivanna Trails Foundation is to promote, create, and protect pathways, trails, and greenways in the Rivanna River Watershed that connect communities and people to one another and to nature.

We are a volunteer organization supported solely by tax-deductible contributions, and believe that community-wide trails serve as a resource for nature-related recreation, environmental education, and human-powered transportation.

The Rivanna Trails exist thanks to generous landowners and the work of many willing volunteers.
Never underestimate what a few volunteers can do.

Three Notched TrailSupport the Three Notched Trail
The Three Notched Trail is a 25-mile car-free trail proposed to run from Charlottesville to Afton Mountain -- and someday be a key link connecting the Capital Trail in Richmond to the Shenandoah Valley. Find more information at

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Trail Usage

In 2022, the RTF and CAMBC began a project to better quantify usage of the Rivanna Trail. We are using TRAFx infrared trail counters to track the volume of pedestrians and cyclists at various locations along the trail. Locations will rotate over time to help us better understand and manage our trail system.

We'll share some statistics and insights here here at a later date.

Trails Connecting the Community