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Rivanna Trails

Thank you for your advocacy

20 Aug 2016 3:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I want to personally thank all of you who took the time to reach out to the City councilors and staff to tell them how valuable the RTF trail segment between Avon Street and QuarryPark is to you. Because of your efforts, the City held several meetings with RTF board members to hear our concerns about the loss of this vital section of trail and consider our uncertainties regarding the proposed alternatives.

We regret to inform you that, despite our best efforts, the City chose to forgo the agreement with VirginiaSelf Storage, LLC, which would have secured a permanent trail easement and greenway corridor between Avon Street and Quarry Park. Nonetheless, City Council and Staff are instead pursuing an alternative plan, which will potentially re-route the trail onto a narrow strip of land closer to Moore’s Creek, but on the same side of the creek as the current trail. We at the RTF are hopeful that this plan is successful. We will support the City’s efforts to secure the various permissions and easements required and offer volunteer labor to help establish the new trail corridor.

In the meantime, the City has generously opened a detour that will maintain the continuity of the trail. From the former trailhead at Avon Street, follow Avon Street south and up the hill until you come to the next driveway on your left. Turn left onto the driveway and follow the road straight back to a fence where you will find a sign marking a gate, which leads to the detour trail. There are signs with maps posted at either end of the closed section of trail.

Please respect the owners of the Virginia Self Storage property and discontinue all use of the previous trail. Doing so will help us maintain our positive relationship with the owners and will aid in future negotiations.

Thank you again for your ongoing support of our urban trail system.

Todd Niemeier