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Rivanna Trails

RTF celebrates support from Virginia National Bank

12 Mar 2014 10:41 PM | Anonymous member

The RTF celebrates Virginia National Bank's "e-statement campaign," the proceeds of which will help us build a new pedestrian bridge. If you would like to volunteer engineering expertise, construction skills, or heavy equipment donations to this project, please contact us.

Here are details from our most recent letter to RTF members: "As our city evolves and grows, so does the importance of a trail system that serves a diverse group of city residents. Thanks to a close partnership with the Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Department, the Greenbrier Neighborhood Association, and Virginia National Bank we are on the verge of building the first in a series of bridges over the newly restored Meadow Creek. This is the first step within a larger plan to create a new multi-use trail through the entire Meadow Creek Valley, connecting the paths along the John Warner Parkway to Highway 29 North. By building multi-use trails like these, which co-exist with our rustic footpaths, we can preserve the classic RTF trail experience while expanding the accessibility and commuter value of our trail system."