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Rivanna Trails

Trail Maps & App

The official Rivanna Trail Map is available through Google Maps and the Avenza app. We also have a pdf version for download if you're looking for a print copy, but please be aware that it is not as detailed or up-to-date as the electronic versions.


RTF Trail System Google Map

Click or zoom on the map below to explore the Rivanna Trail system. Click along the trail route for a description of each segment. Click the link below to open the map in a new tab, or in the Google Maps app if using a mobile device. If you allow Google to use your location (in your device Settings), you will see where you are along the trail. After you open this map, you can find it again under the "Saved Maps" feature on the Google Map app, or by returning to this webpage.

Click here to visit the full map


Due to construction, the RTF's River North Trail has been rerouted through the Belvedere neighborhood.

Directions: Coming from Pen Park or or the Dunlora neighborhood, the trail now veers to the left (orange connector trail) and onto Farrow Drive in the Belvedere neighborhood. Turn right on Farrow and soon left onto Fowler Street. After a block, make a right onto Belvedere Drive, a gravel road, until making a left and jumping back into the woods before the tree line. This section follows an old fire road until it reconnects with the original River North Trail beyond the construction zone. We are working on adding new signage and updating our maps. 

Many thanks to the Dunlora and Belvedere community members who built this reroute, as well as the Belvedere developers for working with us to make this reroute possible. For your safety, as well as to help us maintain our community relationships, please stay on the designated RTF River North Trail system. If you have any questions please contact us at