Rivanna Trails

Trail Conditions

RTF supports all kinds of trails, but our focus is on maintaining the trails suitable for hiking. Please note that in addition to conditions noted here there may be locations where hikers can proceed safely but may not be suitable for mountain bikers or other users.

If you see anything along the Trail that needs attention, please contact the Trail Adopter responsible for that section or RTF at rivannatrails@gmail.com. This will help us keep the trail open and in good condition. Trail statuses as of July 2016.

Trail Segment Details
Route 250 at Free Bridge to Holmes Avenue

Look for short road walk between River Road and Megan Court. Follow the Trail away from the river to River Road and turn right. At Locust Avenue, turn right. At the end, turn left on Locust Lane, and take the first right onto Megan Court. Look for trailhead sign at the end of Megan Court. This section of the trail involves less than .5 miles of road walk. The road walk is blazed except at the intersection of Locust and Megan Court.

Park Street to the Norfolk-Southern RR underpass, to Greenbrier Park

Walk along Melbourne from Park to the start of the paved path at the Warner Parkway. A few hundred feet down the paved path, turn right to rejoin the original trail. This trail will return you to the Parkway.

Culvert beneath the railroad is closed. Crossing over or under the RR tracks is illegal. To bypass the culvert, cross the paved trail and turn left along the reopened trail along the railroad to Melbourne. Turn right and follow Melbourne past the high school until it ends at Kenwood. Turn right on Kenwood, then the second left onto Lester Drive. Lester turns into Jamestown Drive. Follow Jamestown until it ends at the cul de sac. Cross the bridge over Meadow Creek, then turn left to rejoin the Trail.

Senior Center spur
trail and bridge

Trail closed

Stribling Avenue to Sunset Avenue
River crossing

Turn right on Stribling Avenue after passing through the bamboo patch below the Forestry Department, then right again immediately after crossing under the railroad bridge. Pass through the field, cross the driveway, and then descend to the rock hop across Moore's Creek. The rock hop can be treacherous in high water.

The trail continues along an old farm road, and then turns left along Sunset Avenue Extended before meeting up with the Sunset Avenue at the pedestrian bridge

As an alternate road walk, stay on Stribling Avenue, then turn right on Sunset Road; at its end at Sunset Avenue, turn left and follow the directions below.

Sunset Avenue to Azalea Park
Road walk
The original section is closed at the request of one of the property owners. Detour up the hill on Sunset, turn right on Brunswick, then into the woods at the trailhead at the corner of Park/Brunswick/Jefferson Park Circle. Take trail past springs, over old bridge, and behind the Fry's Spring Beach Club pool to Old Lynchburg Road. Cross Old Lynchburg and take the alley to Monte Vista and the trailhead into Azalea Park.
Azalea Park
River crossing
Upon entry into the park, turn left and proceed past the community gardens. The river crossing at the east end of the park can be treacherous, particularly in high water - proceed with care. We hope to rebuild this crossing in the future.
Quarry Park to Woolen Mills
River crossing or road walk

This section is less-used than most, and can be accordingly strenuous. Just before reaching the railroad trestle, it is possible to cross through Moore's Creek, but the water can be waist-high at times. Crossing over the RR trestle is illegal and very dangerous. Crossing the creek can be dangerous, particularly in high water.

As an alternate road walk to Riverview Park, take a left on Monticello Avenue, then the first right and then left onto Monticello Road. Take the second right, onto Linden Avenue, and then the first left, onto Nassau Street. At the livestock market, bear right onto Franklin Street and proceed all the way to Market Street. Turn right on Market, then left on Riverside to the park.

River North Trails

Meadow Creek to Pen Park Lane
Trail closed
This section is closed by development. The City is hoping to open a route around the golf hole so the trail can remain along the river in its entirety at Pen Park.
Pen Park Lane to River Run Please respect signage and stay on trails open to the public.
River Run and Dunlora Please respect signage and stay on trails open to the public.
Belvedere The trail is open.