Rivanna Trails

2nd Saturday Work Parties 2017

10 photo(s) Updated on: 11 Mar 2017
  • March 11: The crew built up a retaining wall on the down-hill slope, and widened and smoothed the trail.
  • March 11: Boy Scout Troop 37 came out to put finishing touches on the new trail behind the Fontaine Research Park.
  • February 11: cutting into the hillside above Natural Resources Drive.
  • February 11: Just some of this month's work party.
  • February 11: Opening up a new trail alongside Natural Resources Drive, eliminating a quarter-mile road walk.
  • February 11: Some final grading yet to be done, but the new trail is open.
  • February 11: When traveling counterclockwise, turn right onto the new trail here, instead of heading up to the road.
  • February 11: Alpha Phi Omega and Madison House volunteers cutting the new trail into the hillside.
  • February 11: The new trail runs between the 250 Bypass and Natural Resources Drive, crossing over this culvert.
  • February 11: New trailhead signs are at both sides of Natural Resources Drive--walk straight across the road to resume on the trail, instead of walking along the road.