Rivanna Trails

Trail Map & App

Download the Rivanna Trail App to navigate a detailed real-time map of the trail on your iPhone or Android device. 

The app provides:
  • a "you are here" icon to pinpoint your exact location on the trail
  • a zoomable interface to help navigate from one trailhead to another and along street walks
  • icons highlighting trailheads, road intersections, bridges, and stream crossings
  • your choice of a street or satellite background
  • details of the main Rivanna Trail loop, Free State (River North) Trail, and some spur trails (we hope to add additional connecting trails within Charlottesville in the future)

Note: The Android version of our app is currently unavailable; we are investigating a new version of our trail map available across platforms. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Apple App Store

This interactive map--also available via the Rivanna Trails app--provides the most detailed and up-do-date overview of the trail. Use your mouse to scroll and zoom.

We offer the pdf version below for download if you're looking for a print copy, but please note that it is not as current as the interactive map, and does not reflect recent additions or closures.